Talk about your brand

General Talking Points

Here are a few general talking points on Microdose Gummies that you can use in posts. 

The most important thing is to be natural and speak or write how you always would, but feel free to use any of these if they are helpful. 

Real fruit gummies, infused with entry-level doses of THC, so you can feel just the right amount of good.

Perfect for people who want to feel good, without getting high from just one micro-dose. 

It’s like the sweet spot between CBD & THC that gives you the benefits of both with a bit more of a mood lift, creative boost, and greater sense of calm.

Use Case Example Stories:

These stories are based on conversations we’ve had with customers and testimonials they’ve emailed to us or left on our reviews page (Microdose reviews are at the bottom of this product page). You can use these as inspiration to get you thinking about how to use Microdose Gummies in your own life and how to tell your own story about how they’re working for you in your posts for us. 

Example: (General) 

I love how helpful these gummies are! For me, half a Microdose Gummy during the day helps me stay centered and fresh as I get everything done on my list. They also help me relax at night and really be present in the moment instead of worrying about things from that day or worrying about what’s coming tomorrow. 

Example: (Sleep) 

I’ve tried everything for sleep. Ambien, Melatonin, Niquil: you name it, I’ve tried 3 kinds. These Microdose Gummies work. I take 1 gummy an hour before I want to sleep and by the time I’m in bed I just feel good and relaxed without all the mental background noise or shoulder pain that keeps me up. 

Example: (Pain) 

Both my Mom and I swear by these Microdose Gummies. I gave her some to try for her arthritis and it’s helping a lot. She’s even started gardening again! For me, I take one after hitting the gym and it really helps with recovery and the joint pain I’ve been having. They make me feel good, feel relaxed and like I can still get everything done that I need to. 

Example: (Enjoying the Moment) 

My favorite thing about these gummies is how they help me feel more present and help me get into enjoying each moment. I’m more invested in the show I’m watching or the project I'm working on, or even just my daily dog walks around the neighborhood. It feels like I'm getting more out of these moments that used to just fly by every day without leaving an impact. 

Example: (Anxiety) 

I need clarity in my life and Microdose Gummies deliver. My anxiety paints the sky gray and tells me that there’s always doom around the corner, not the most clear headed perspective right? I take a really tiny dose, just ⅓ of a Microdose gummy, and that helps me take the day as it comes without spinning off into weird places in my head. 

Example: (Workout & Recovery) 

These gummies have been so helpful for my routine. I take a gummy an hour before I start my warmup and I feel so much more focused on what my body is doing during my workout. They’re also super helpful for recovery afterwards without leaving me feeling lethargic or getting in the way of that post-workout clarity I love so much. 

Example: (Creativity) 

Not gonna lie, it’s hard to be creative on a consistent basis. Most days I just do my thing, but others feel like nothing good will ever get from my head onto the page. For those days, I eat half a Microdose Gummy to relax and get centered. Then, after a little while in the writer’s chair, those creative juices start flowing like it's one of my best days. Just enough to spark creativity, not so much that I feel hazy. That’s what I need sometimes and these Microdose Gummies are consistently there for me.  

Example: (Sex) 

I’ve been talking about my dead bedroom for a while now, but I need to find something else to talk about because it’s alive once again. How? Microdose Gummies. I’ve been microdosing with my partner and it’s been easier for us to relax, feel comfortable and ease into feeling sexy. We’re curious about each other again, even though we know each other so well at this point, it’s really been amazing to open this door again.